This is what you need to know if you want to use my music in your content.

Don’t feel like reading? This is the most important stuff:

1: Use my music in your Youtube video’s, even if they’re monetized!

2: You can my music in any other non-commercial product, but make sure to credit me.

3: If you want to use my music in a commercial product, please contact me.

4: You cannot resell my music or claim it as your own.

Using my music on Youtube

Bottom line is, you can use my music in your Youtube video’s and you can monetize them if you want. The Creative Commons license that I use for my music is Attribution Non-Commercial (see¬†, but I make an exception for monetized Youtube videos. The Attribution also isn’t compulsory, although I would appreciate it if you credit me in the description.

However, this obviously only goes for videos that contain your original footage (such as Let’s Play’s, a short film or a vlog). You can reupload my music (meaning the video contains just my music and no footage you made yourself) on Youtube only if you do not monetize it, credit me in full and add a link to my Bandcamp account (

 Using my music in other content

Second point: Using my music in your product, such as a game, you will have to follow the license I use. In other words it has to be non-commercial and it has to credit me. If you wish to use my music in a different way, please contact me, here on Facebook, on Twitter, or on my email adress ( You do not need to contact me if you follow the license, but I would love to see what you are using my music for!

And finally, and this should be obvious, you can not resell my music anywhere, and you can not claim it as your own.

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  • 4 August 2017 at 20:59

    Can i use your music in my Minecraft Let’s Play (for background music)?


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