I am a post-doc in the NLP group at the University of Edinburgh under the ELIAI program. My research combines symbolic reasoning and machine learning, or “Neurosymbolic Learning”. I’ve done work on differentiable fuzzy logics and on optimization with discrete latent variables. I developed the Storchastic PyTorch library, which implements many gradient estimation methods. I recently developed A-NeSI, a highly scalable Neurosymbolic method that uses neural networks for symbolic inference. I’m also finishing my PhD in the Learning and Reasoning group at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and am a visiting researcher in that group.

I’m also interested in Personal Knowledge Management. I’ve developed Juggl, a plugin for Obsidian.md that adds a customizable graph view. Other plugins include Graph Analysis, which uses graph theory algorithms to find similarities between notes, and Supercharged Links.

Another hobby of mine is music. Here are some songs I made!

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